Curriculum Vitae


2004 – present: Ph.D. studies in the Laboratory of Intermolecular Interactions, Department of  Chemistry, Warsaw University, Proposed Ph.D. thesis: “Structure of SAMs of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, designed  for  binding of biomolecules on the metal surfaces”. Supervised by Prof. Jolanta Bukowska
2004: Warsaw University, Department of Chemistry M.Sc. thesis on: “Structure of mixed monolayers of short, omega-terminated thiols on Ag and Au surfaces- SERS studies”
1999-2004: M.Sc. studies at Warsaw University, Department of Chemistry Graduation with honors.

Teaching Expirience:

assistant in Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory
assistant in Physical Chemistry  Laboratory

Research :

Surface Enhanced (Resonance) Raman Scattering spectroscopy (SE(R)RS)and its application,
properties of self-assembled thiol (alkaline and heterocyclic) monolayers on metals surfaces,
biomolecules immobilization on thiol-coated Au and Ag electrodes(electron transfer studies for biosensor applications).